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Dinner Theatre

Medieval Banquet


Annie & Ian actually met whilst working at the famous medieval banquet in St Katherine’s Dock, London. Based on their experience and knowledge they have now produced a medieval banquet show suitable for various types of events. Although Annie & Ian occasionally bring in other performers to join them in the shows, this can make a given show cost restrictive unless it is for a corporate event with larger budgets.


So, by creating a show with just 2 people the costs are more in line with most smaller organisations and private budgets.  


Annie & Ian arrive as two medieval travelling players and become the various characters throughout the event. They play jesters with juggling and plate spinning, magicians with stage and table magic, fighting knights who perform a sword fight with broadswords and of course, King Henry VIII and Queen Catherine.


The show is designed for dinner or luncheon events where the audience sit at table and the show is performed around them. During courses the entertainment mainly consists of traditional songs. The sketches and routines take place between the courses.


There is plenty of audience participation such as the whole audience learning and taking part in the many medieval toasts. At one point several gentlemen are selected from the audience and dressed as wenches and then perform the wenches dance to much hilarity. There are several games as well with members of the audience playing the cup and ball game.

Murder Mysteries


Murder Mystery events have proved popular over the years and now we have two fun packed shows where the audience play detective. Ideal for dinner events or just over a drink in a function room.


Detectives Inc.


A renowned crime writer has been murdered and it appears the motive is to stop certain secrets about a famous detective being revealed in a new book. Who is the culprit? Is it Ms Jane Marbles, Hercules Parrot, Sheerluck Holmes, Charlie Angel or one of the other detectives?


Following a series of routines by the Detectives Inc. the audience are given clues and it is up to them to decipher and work out who has committed the dastardly deed.


Comedy of Terrors


We have taken some of the comedy greats and worked them into a fun packed murder mystery show. This has the added bonus of not simply solving the case, but also enjoying the routines of some of the great names of comedy.


The Comedy Critics Award is to be presented to the best comedian of all time, but the chairman of the Comedy Critics Guild is murdered just before announcing the winner.


Just who has done evil deed. Was it Tommy Cooper…”Just like that” did Laurel & Hardy create “Another fine mess”… or was it “no tittering matter” for Frankie Howerd?


The audience are given a series of clues after each comedy spot and it is up to them to work out who committed the atrocity and how?

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