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FUN FEST is a free for all comedy mayhem show with Annie and Ian the popular Comedy Duo. A fun filled variety show for family audiences. The popular comedy duo Annie & Ian deliver an evening of pure fun and hilarity with music and vocals, magic and illusion and lots of audience participation.


Enter a Time Warp with Dr Frank-n-Stein and his crazy monster for a creepy scary funny experience. Join in the Time Warp dance and be shocked and delighted when Frankie uses a power saw to cut someone in half.

Carry on Comedy is a mix of fun-filled comedy nostalgia and up to date topical humour featuring tributes to the great heroes of comedy. This is a complete variety show with a big teaspoon of music and vocals, a pinch of magic and illusions all mixed up with a huge dollop of comedy.


The popular madcap duo Annie & Ian are the performers and magically transform into many famous comedy icons. There are great familiar songs including “Happiness” with Ken Dodd and Dicky Mint, the hilarious “We’ll meet again” with Tommy Cooper and the superb “bold Sir John” famously performed by the Two Ronnies.


Magic & Illusion adds to the antics of “Steptoe & Son” when Harrold gets his own back on the old man, for going on about Brexit by twisting his head all the way round using an old carboard box.


Just imagine Franke Howerd’s famous iconic character “Lurcio” from “Up Pompeii” performing a mind-reading act with members of the audience to much hilarity and plenty of “titters” …


Annie & Ian's Carry on Comedy has something for everyone of all ages.

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There’s a variety of music from Rock-n-Roll to Comedy Irish Folk with Paddy and Mick.


Re-live the popular Musicals such as Les Misérables with the comedy Inn Keepers who perform a crazy routine with a £10 note, 4 Envelopes and an Orange.


This show guarantees a real fun party evening experience to audiences of all ages.