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AMA Events Entertainment is the perfect choice to bring unforgettable fun and lasting memories to any celebration or special event. If you’re looking to hire the very best in the biz, you’ve come to the right place. AMA Events Entertainment is here to perform and entertain for you and your guests. See all that we can do below, and get in touch to book your next gig.

Children Shows

The King’s Cake is a show for children aged 3 to 11 with puppets, magic, music and live action. It is the story of Dromeo who goes in search of the biggest, sweetest cake for the King. His adventures take him to an enchanted forest where he meets a witch, elves and a seemingly wise old wizard, then on board a pirate ship which takes him to the jungle where he encounters a crocodile! After a long and tiresome adventure without success, he goes back home and tries to make a cake in his own kitchen. He is helped by his friend “Cecil” the naughty blackbird and mayhem ensues. All the ingredients end up everywhere, even all over Dromeo!

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