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Updated: Sep 7, 2020

AS things are starting to get back to a "normality" we have created our own Risk Assessment for AMA Events Entertainment when providing entertainment for clients.

1. All staff will be monitored for any COVID-19 symptoms including temperature, loss of taste, fever etc on the morning of the event. If any artiste shows or reports any symptoms similar symptoms of COVID-19 regardless of whether the artiste has the COVID-19 virus, they will not be permitted to attend the event. In such cases AMA Events Entertainment will endeavour to replace the artiste but if this is not possible AMA Events Entertainment reserve the right to cancel the performance at a moment’s notice. Please note where social distancing recommendations are in place AMA Events Entertainment will only use artistes who are either solo performers or members of the same family where social distancing rules do not apply.

2. Upon arrival at the venue, whether that be a purpose built venue or other including community and church halls, clubs, hotels and outside spaces including parks and gardens, AMA Events Entertainment staff will make themselves known to the event organiser and will ask to see the performance area. Keeping the required distance, the artistes will set up any equipment necessary for the performance. During the time where equipment is taken from the vehicle to the performance space the event organiser will ensure that no one other than the performance staff will have access to doorways, corridors and passages by marshalling the route from the company vehicle to the performance space.

3. All performances will be performed with current government guidelines in place which may include music to be kept at a minimum level and in some circumstance’s vocal tracks maybe pre-recorded and the artiste will mime to a click track. The event organiser will ensure members of the audience, especially children at parties, do not come onto the performing area. Although all entertainment will actively encourage audience participation this will be carried out at permitted distances.

4. At the end of a performance the event organiser will ensure no audience members approach the performance staff whilst they pack away and, as with the arrival, the event organiser will ensure the staff have clear passage to return equipment to the vehicle.

5. Please be advised that these terms may be altered at anytime due to government updates.

Please get in touch with us via if you have any queries as we are always happy to work with you and ensure your event entertainment is a success, given the troubling times we are all currently experiencing. #riskassessment #amaeventsentertainment #puppetshows #childrensparties #childrenentertainment

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