The Buccaneers

Back from Davy Jones' Locker, The Buccaneers present a fun-filled family show with rousing songs, thrilling sword fights, amazing magical illusions and lots of audience participation. This show is available and ideal for Clubs, Festivals, Functions and Holiday Centres.


Medieval Banquets

Raise your Goblets and drink the "Wassail" for a fabulous Medieval romp in the Court of King Henry VIII. Various show packages for small and large Events. Ideal for Functions, Clubs, Hotels.


Murder Mysteries

At the Gala Awards Night, to present the best Comedian of all times, the Chairman of CRAP - Comedy Retro Award Presentation was found dead in the VIP Suite. With your help and that of the illustrious detectives, Ms Marbles & Mr Parrot, it is up to you to solve this frightful puzzle. This show is also available online.


Children's Parties

Most popular Duo, Dromeo and Tilly are on hand to provide everything you need for a great party.

With balloon modelling, party disco with party dances, games including our very own exciting version of pass the parcel and of course one of our special Magic and Puppets Show. Check out our Children Page for all other themes. Not available for Outdoors.


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